What’s new? At Ag Days, plenty

New products are always interesting and there are always plenty to check out at Manitoba Ag Days. Some equipment dealers will have additional signage at their booths that indicate they have opted to include their products in the 2013 New Products feature and will be vying for the annual best new product award presented at the show.

Last year’s winner was Wall Grain, which exhibited its grain Bin Moisture Cables, a product that meets a long-standing need in the industry, according to owner, Dave Wall. “We had been waiting for this product for 15 years,” says Wall. “We do a lot of grain drying in bins but up until now we only had temperature sensors so we didn’t know what the moisture content was. When we cooled off grain in the bin, even on a hot August day, we could lose two or three points in the bin because of excess heat. The moisture cables accurately provide us with the exact moisture levels throughout the bin.”

The cables can also be integrated with the OPI IntegrisPro PC-based grain monitoring, aeration control and alarm system that means the farmer has an automated solution for grain storage management, which controls grain shrink, rehydration and reduces energy costs. “It’s kind of like having an extra employee watching their grain 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” says Wall.

Wall worked with OPIsystems Incorporated of Calgary, which developed the moisture cables to prove them out in a farm situation and is now distributing them across Western Canada. He says that exhibiting the product at Ag Days last year gave a great opportunity to educate people about the product. “Ag Days is a great platform for educating and talking to farmers to give them a feel of how these products can be of benefit to them,” says Wall.

This year’s lineup

Best new product offerings for 2013 cover a number of different applications and production areas. Starting with seeding AG Leader Technology has a new Hydraulic Down Force system to monitor downward pressure and ensure proper planting depths.

Botterill Sales will unveil its Monosem twin Row Planter with patented Synch-Row system to control seed depth placement. And Tri Star Farm Services Ltd. will demonstrate its Crust Buster Speed King seed tender and Pro Box seed cart for canola, soybeans and corn.

For crop nutrition Yara Belle Plaine Inc. will have a full line of its YaraVita formulated micronutrients and foliar products on display.

As harvesting comes around there are a few new products to help make life simpler at this hectic time of year. Elmer’s Manufacturing is showcasing its Transfer Track System, which can be transferred from a grain cart to other farm equipment. Michel Industries’ Crop Catcher is a combine header adapter that prevents seed and chaff from being thrown onto the feeder header. The Auger Hog from Gatco Manufacturing is an adjustable and detachable auger hopper that fits under hopper bins and grain trucks.

Other farm operations such as corral cleanout and storage preparation are also covered. The Eco green 70 series gas-fired pressure washers, from Aaladin Superior Cleaning Systems, are 98 per cent more efficient and use 38 per cent less fuel than conventional washers. The all-new D series skid steer from Battlefield Equipment Rentals, meeting EPA Tier 4 emissions standards will also be on show.

The versatile and economical HyGrade Pull Type Graders from Johnson Mfg. Inc. have their many applications around the farm from ditch cleaning to snow removal. And the all-new “Sawhorse Zipper System” from Curry Industries is a new method for sealing household items moisture free during temporary storage and is especially useful for homeowners in flood zones.

Which of these 11 new products will be chosen as the best for 2013 remains to be seen, but all are sure to generate lots of interest and be another of the many “must see” exhibits for Ag Days attendees.



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