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U.S. pork stocks rise to a record high

reuters / Pork stored in U.S. warehouses in October rose to a record high for that month as hog herds were reduced due to high feed costs.

Producers have hurried their animals to market at a record pace and, coupled with the normal seasonal buildup in hog slaughters, that could result in tighter supplies in 2013.

The USDA says end-of-October pork stocks hit 606.2 million pounds, down four per cent from September, but up 24 per cent from last year.

Cargill outsources transportation

reuters — Cargill says it will hire an outside company to handle transportation of the beef it produces at Guelph, one of its two big Canadian beef-packing plants.

The decision will help Cargill deal with escalating transportation costs in the highly competitive eastern Canadian retail market, the company said in a statement.

About 50 unionized and non-union employees will lose their jobs as a result.

The change does not affect Cargill’s beef plant at High River, Alta., which competes with the XL Foods plant at Brooks.



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