Turning waste into black gold

Manitoba’s first composting co-operative, Compostages Manitoba Services Cooperative, is now ready to offer municipalities and agricultural producers an affordable and eco-responsible alternative to dealing with organic matter.

Compostages Manitoba Services Cooperative will be hosting its first organizational meeting on Tuesday March 27 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Cabane a Sucre in St. Pierre Jolys, Man. beside the museum. The meeting is open to all co-operative members and non-members and a composting service schedule will be established.

This new consumer co-operative and business development opportunity was created in response to a need for municipalities and agricultural producers to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and to help make composting an affordable and easy alternative. Compost is the new black gold since it has significant economic and structural advantages for producers. The Compostages Manitoba Services Co-op will provide: technical composting services, monitoring, windrow turning and other member services.

This green economy initiative was spearheaded in response to the Council for Bilingual Municipalities Economic Development Office (CDEM) participation with the Community Led Emissions Reduction Program. Support has also been received from the Province of Manitoba, the Government of Canada, the RM of De Salaberry, Village of St. Pierre Jolys, and Notre Dames des Lourdes, as well as in kind contributions from other supporting partners.

To learn more visit www.manitobacomposting.com.



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