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Sweet smell of nature

This morning as I inched along on my hands and knees, pulling weeds from our waterlogged flower beds, I was not exactly happy with my chore. It would have been far easier using a hoe, had the ground been drier; but then I might have missed something.

As I worked my way along, inwardly grumbling about all the mud on my hands, my aching back and my sore knees, I eventually came within a few feet of a peony plant. Its blossoms looked a little like I felt — downcast and discouraged.

Instead of murmuring about its heavy load, however, the peony, although droopy from the weight of rain in its huge blossoms, was nevertheless perfuming the entire area. I felt invigorated by that refreshing fragrance, just one more example of nature’s “aroma therapy.”

Sweet smell of nature

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