Sweat like a pig for a bacon sandwich

A Toronto restaurant is offering a 30 per cent discount on bacon sandwiches to customers who run or cycle a course through city streets that is shaped like a pig.

Rashers, billed as North America’s only bacon-only shop, is urging exercisers to recoup their “hard-burned” calories by stopping by the shop for a post-workout sandwich. The promotion is appropriately called ‘Run the Pig.’

As part of the program, the Rashers team is also reaching out to people on Twitter from their handle @RashersTO. When someone posts a completed workout via popular running app Nike+, the team sends hilarious personalized messages inviting people to finish their next workout at the shop for a 15 per cent discount.

Owners John Clark and Richard Mulley say they came up with the promotional idea from the dozens of runners and cyclists passing by their business at 948 Queen St. East every day. The restaurant is located in Leslieville, one of Toronto’s most health- and exercise-conscious neighbourhoods.

The restaurant stakes its reputation on serving only the highest-quality bacon —  sourced from a local family-run farm — and the best bread baked locally.



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