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St. Joseph Wind Farm Officially Launched

“This wind farm will more than double wind capacity in the province.”

Officials officially launched construction of Manitoba’s largest wind farm near St. Joseph April 29.

“Today we celebrate the start of construction on Manitoba’s second wind farm and we also celebrate the expansion of renewable energy sources in Manitoba,” said Finance Minister Rosann Wowchuk at the event also attended by representatives of Manitoba Hydro, Pattern Energy and local municipal officials. “This wind farm will more than double wind capacity in the province.”

The deal will see Pattern Energy invest $95 million in the 138-megawatt wind farm located about 100 kilometres south of Winnipeg. Manitoba Hydro will loan Pattern Energy up to $260 million which is to be repaid over 20 years; it has also signed a 27-year power purchase agreement.

“We welcome the opportunity to develop a new source of clean energy for Manitoba while contributing to the local economy and creating approximately 225 construction jobs and 15 permanent positions,” said Hunter Armistead, executive director of Pattern Energy.

The wind farm will be built on 125 square km in the rural municipalities of Montcalm and Rhineland. It will be comprised of 60, 2.3-MW wind turbines.

At full capacity, it will produce enough electricity to serve the needs of 50,000 homes.

The minister noted the first payments to landholders have now been mailed by Pattern Energy. Pattern is expected to pay an estimated $38 million in total to landholders and an additional $44 million in local municipal taxes over the life of the project.

Manitoba’s first wind farm, located near St. Leon, produces 100 MW of electricity.

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