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Spring Road Bans To Slow Grain Movement

Spring road bans are coming into effect across Western Canada as temperatures warm up.

The annual restrictions set axle weight limits for vehicles moving on certain roads in an effort to reduce the damage heavier loads can cause during the spring thaw period.

Grain and equipment movement can both be affected by the spring road bans, as people may need to find alternate routes or haul smaller loads. The duration of the restrictions will depend on the local weather conditions, but typically last through April and into May.

In Manitoba spring road bans come into effect March 18 in the southern part of the province and a week later in the more northern regions. The restrictions vary depending on the road, with Level 1 restrictions consisting of 90 per cent of normal loading and 65 per cent of normal on Level 2 affected roads. Full details are available through Manitoba’s Infrastructure and Transportation Department.

In Alberta, spring road bans ranging from 75 per cent to 90 per cent of normal axle weights were put into place on March 1 for numerous roads. Full details of the affected roads are available from the Alberta Ministry of Transportation.

In Saskatchewan, weight restrictions were implemented in the southwestern part of the province as of March 1, and the zone will expand in the upcoming weeks. The Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure provides updates on a weekly basis of the affected roadways.

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