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Sounds of Canada Day on the Farm

A rooster crows, awakening us from the undisturbed sleep we enjoy in this peaceful country.

A squirrel chatters as it hides away nuts, a reminder of this nation’s granaries and freezers and pantries full of food.

A meadowlark sings, a celebration of Canada’s wildlife.

A dog barks, a reminder of the much broader circle of protection our police and armed forces provide.

Cows softly low, summoning us to both the responsibilities and privileges of work.

The wind rustles in the fir trees, whispering of our four distinct seasons.

Water splashes into the sink, a small portion of the abundant supply that is ours.

A lawn mower buzzes, a reminder of the pride we take in the property that can be ours.

Overhead wires hum, an indication of our reliable utilities.

Tires crunch on the gravel driveway as a car pulls out onto a grid of highways that crisscrosses the country.

An airplane drones overhead on its way to distant places, soaring along in the pure fresh air of Canada’s skies.

The doorbell rings, calling us to welcome friends who live nearby.

Men’s voices carry in from the farmyard as they repair machinery together, a sure sign of neighbourly support.

A tardy school bus growls along on its way to be parked for the summer holidays, a reminder of the educational opportunities Canada affords our young people.

Carefree children laugh, representing the future of our great country.

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