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Soil science prof joins Agri-Trend

Soil scientist Geza Racz, a professor emeritus at the University of Manitoba and former head of its soil science department, has joined Agri-Trend Agrology as a senior agri-coach.

Racz’s fields of expertise and research are in the reactions and fate of various elements in soil – nitrogen, phosphorus and minor elements such as zinc and copper, for example – as they relate to land productivity, sustainability and food quality. He has also studied heavy metals such as cadmium, found in soil from both natural and man-made sources, and their effect on food quality.

According to Elston Solberg, president of the Red Deer, Alta. agronomic consulting firm, Agri-Trend’s network of coaches is “comprised of independent agrologists, crop specialists and retail dealerships who have decided to prosper in every nook and cranny of rural Canada.” Its senior coaches use their doctorate-level knowledge “to form the foundation of the Agri-Trend talent pool.”



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