Signage to protect unharvested crops from snowmobiles

Snoman to post signs along routes where crops are still in fields

Snoman will be posting signs like this along trails as volunteer capacity and weather allow.

Snowmobilers are being encouraged to stay on trails and off fields to protect unharvested crops.

“It was a difficult harvest for many producers in Manitoba,” said Yvonne Rideout, executive director of Snowmobilers of Manitoba (Snoman). “We want to make sure that riders are staying on designated trails, respecting private property and crops that have yet to be harvested.”

In partnership with MASC, Snoman will be putting up signs along Snopass trail systems where crops are still on fields.

MASC will also have limited quantities of the signs available at all 26 offices for producers to pick up and display on unharvested fields where they are concerned about snowmobile traffic.

With 53 clubs throughout Manitoba, Snoman Inc. has more than 12,000 kilometres of groomed trails for snowmobilers. These are used by around 19,000 snowmobilers through the Snopass program each year.

“The trails link communities and promote winter tourism, which boosts the local economy,” said Rideout.

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