Sharply Lower Prices Throw A Curve Ball Into The Fall Run

Sharply lower bids at the Winnipeg Livestock Auction Oct. 6 shattered the notion that the strong market for sheep and goats would last through the fall run.

With 565 animals on offer, the higher supply lowered bids. The Ontario sheep supply has reached the Ontario industry, responding to the demands. The local buyers have reached their required volume, at this time. The indication that buyers had the full choice, was clearly visible by the *hit* the cull animals received at this sale. Top-quality lambs showed a decrease in prices, from the past sales. It has been a long time since the auctioneer has heard producers say pass.

There was no significant differences in the quality or bidding, based on the average age and weight of ewes. The prices were just lower compared to the past sales. The prices ranged from $0.40 to $0.77 per pound on the ewes. There was an exception of a 155-pound Rideaucross ewe that brought $131.75 ($0.85 per pound). The yearlings (young ewes), are still not producing those high prices, as the other sales provided. A group of three 108-pound Cheviotcross yearlings, (ewe lambs), brought $96.12 ($0.89 per pound). While a 125-pound and a 135-pound Rideaucross yearling (ewe lambs), brought $117.50 and $124.20 ($0.94 and $0.92 per pound).

The rams did not produce a much higher price range, at this sale. The price ranged from $0.40 to $0.86.

An 85-pound and 135- pound Katahdin-cross lambs (wethers) brought $117.20 and $145.13 ($1.38 and $1.075 per pound).

The demand for the heavyweight lambs was producing some limited interest. However, the bidding of all lamb classifications were lower compared to past sales. Once again, there was no correlation between weight, breed, or price on these heavyweight lambs. The price ranged from $1.32 to $1.47 per pound.

There was a good selection of breeds, for the market lambs. The price ranged from $1.36 to $1.63 per pound. An exception was a group of 33 96-pound Katahdincross lambs, which brought $105.60 ($1.10 per pound). The Dorper-cross ram lambs fell below the market lamb prices, at this sale. A group of three -107 and another group of three -105 Dorpercross ram lambs, brought $136.43 and $138.60 ($1.275 and $1.32 per pound).

The majority of the feeder lambs were in the 81-to 89-pound range. There was no correlation between the weight, breed for the price bidding. The price ranged from $1.45 to $1.79 per pound. An exception was an 85-pound Dorper-cross lamb, that brought $108.38 ($1.275 per pound). A group of three 93-pound Rideaucross lambs, brought $114.39 ($1.23 per pound).

The selection on the lightweight lambs was a buyer s delight. The price ranged from $1.225 to $1.69; for 70-to 79-pound lambs. Not even the plump Dorsetcross lambs could entice a stronger bidding price.

Cull lambs in the 60-plus-pound range, provided clear evidence that this high supply of lambs, was affecting the prices. The cull lambs brought $0.80 and $0.85 per pound; while the fully developed lambs, brought $1.45 to $1.66 per pound.

Once again, the well-muscular- developed lambs in the 50-plus-pound range, produced better prices than the smaller lambs. The high price ranged from $1.20 to $1.60 per pound; while the lower price was $0.625 per pound.

The 45-pound Barbadocross lamb, brought $33.75 ($0. 75 per pound). A 40-pound Cheviot-cross lamb, brought $44 ($1.10 per pound); while 45-pound lambs, brought $1.45 and $1.65 per pound.

A group of 36-pound lambs and then 30-pound Suffolkcross lambs went for a maximum of $1.50 per pound.

Goat does dominated this sale. The does with quality maintained the high price range; the culls received the low bidding prices. The high price ranged from $0.75 to $1.08 per pound. The lower price ranged from $0.19 to $0.66 per pound. The dairy and meat breeds distributed between these prices and not one breed dominated either price range.

The 200-pound Boer-cross buck, brought $170 ($0.85 per pound). It was the only buck delivered for this sale.

A group of eight 71-pound Alpine-cross and La Mancha doelings enticed interest from the buyers. These doelings brought $99 ($1.39 per pound). Two 85-pound Boer-cross doelings, brought $110 ($1.29 per pound).

The Boer-cross bucklings dominated the goat classification, at this sale. The price ranged from $1.19 to $1.79 per pound. A group of five 41-pound Pygmy-cross buckl ings produced $460 ($1.46 per pound).

The goat wethers represented many of the breeds at this sale. The price ranged from $0.74 to $1.86 per pound.

A mixed group of six 46-pound Pygmy-c ross goats, brought $62 ($1.35 per pound).



Lambs (lbs.)


95 -110

80 -94

Under 80

70 -79

60 -68

50 -59

40 -45

30 -36

$95 -$131.75

$150.29 -$180.81

$105.29 -$179.04

$108.38 -$157.53

$93.75 -$133.51

$52.00 -$113.75

$31.25 -$88.74

$33.75 -$74.25

$45.00 / $54.00

Sept. 1 / 11

$68.60 -$173.70

$44.63 -$89.40

$196.47 -$227.65

$165.30 -$187.92

$144.00 -$165.54

$94.90 -$143.64

$115.50 -$129.72

$85.00 -$110.92



Sept. 15 / 11

$61.80 -$193.20


$121.13 -$109.80

$150.40 -$167.32

$112.00 -$145.92

$111.60 -$133.96

$81.25 / $88.75

$69.00 / $92.00



It has been a long time since the auctioneerhas heard producers say pass.

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