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Seine River Featured In Educational Documentary

The Seine-Rat River Conservation District (SRRCD) is providing funding for riparian enhancement activities such as exclusion fencing, off-site watering, willow planting and river cleanup projects. To determine the areas needing enhancement, an inventory of all of the Seine River Riparian areas will be conducted from the headwaters right to the Floodway.

The Lake Winnipeg Basin Stewardship Fund (Environment Canada) and Manitoba Water Stewardship are each contributing $25,000 to this initiative. “We are very pleased that the Seine River Ripar ian Enhancement Project was chosen by the Province and the Federal Government for our SRRCD.” Says SRRCD C h a i r m a n , Co r n i e Goertzen. “This definitely is a step in the right direction toward cleaning up the Seine River and Lake Winnipeg.”

The SRRCD has recently finished an Integrated Watershed Management Plan (IWMP) for the Seine River in which the issues facing the River and its surrounding area were identified and steps put forward to start addressing them. “This is the first major project since the completion of the IWMP, and it encompasses most of the major issues in the Seine River Watershed,” said Upper Seine River Sub-District chairman Laurie Evans.

The SRRCD, a long with in-kind contribution from film industry experts, is also funding a documentary of the Seine River produced by the award-winning, local media company, Granger Media Group. The Seine River Documentary will be a 26-minute educational film targeting Grades 7 and 8; however, it will have relevance from Kindergarten to Grade 12. It will explore the history of the river, human impacts, current rehabilitation efforts, and the variety of ecosystems.

The film’s completion date is anticipated to be November 2009, following which, it will be available for viewing in schools with the additional possibility of airing on network television. “There has never been as much information and data about the Seine River and its watershed as there is today,” said documentary film producer Ray Granger. “It is our goal to present it in a format that will be easy to understand and accessible to all.”

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