Seed-applied liquid nutrient approved for cereal crops

Anew liquid formulation of a seed-applied nutrient has been cleared by the CFIA for use on wheat, barley, oat and corn.

Colorado-based Loveland Products’ seed treatment Awaken ST will be distributed by ag input retailer UAP Canada.

Awaken ST’s micronutrient package includes five per cent zinc plus boron, copper, iron, manganese and molybdenum, the company said.

The combination “helps develop a larger, more extensive root system, quicker emergence, greater plant biomass and improved plant health and vigour,” UAP product manager Eric Gregory said in a release.

The company says Awaken ST’s formulation can be applied using traditional treating equipment.

Awaken “can be applied on its own, blended or applied sequentially with traditional chemical-based fungicide or insecticide seed treatments,” the company said.



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