Scholarship for sheep producers

Students who are active in the Manitoba sheep industry are now eligible for a $500 scholarship offered by the Manitoba Sheep Association. Applicants must be involved with sheep and either be a member of the MSA or related to a member in order to be eligible.

Applicants must provide proof of enrolment in a recognized post-secondary program, they must provide two references from individuals who are not immediate family members, and they must complete a short essay highlighting their involvement in the industry. Applicants must also specify how they foresee their post-secondary education contributing to their future involvement in the Manitoba Sheep Industry.

One scholarship will be awarded annually. Deadline for applications is June 30. For more information, go to: [email protected]

People traps not allowed

Staff / The provincial government is strengthening legislation that makes it an offence to booby trap a property in such a way that could cause bodily harm or death to someone entering it.

That includes using animals to protect properties where unlawful activity is taking place.

The legislative changes, targeted at the illegal drug trade, strengthens the Fortified Buildings Act to make it a provincial offence for a person to set a trap that is likely to harm someone on a property or for a person who owns or occupies a property to knowingly let it remain there.

The legislation would let either the province’s Public Safety Investigations (PSI) unit or police apply for a warrant to enter a property to inspect it and seize such traps if there are reasonable grounds to believe that such devices are on the property.

The proposed legislation would not apply to every animal, but is targeted to animals that pose a threat to people who enter the property, based upon the species or breed of the animal, its size and temperament, its location on or within the property and whether it is confined or restrained in some way.

Enforcement of the existing act by the PSI unit has forced the removal of fortifications at more than 50 properties.



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