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Russian winter grain crops suffer

moscow / reuters / Dry conditions during sowing and cold snaps are taking their toll on Russia’s winter grain crop.

Russia’s Grain Union says conditions are similar to those last winter, which preceded a fall in the country’s gross grain harvest to just over 70 million tonnes in 2012 from 94 million tonnes in 2011. Nearly a tenth of the winter plants haven’t sprouted and more than a million acres are without snow cover, an official said.

Analysts say Russia is poised to import grain to make up for volumes exported in the first half of the July 2012 to June 2013 marketing season.

CWB campaign offensive: NFU

The National Farmers Union is taking the new CWB to task for its “Still on the fence?” marketing campaign, saying the ad is offensive, unprofessional and will push farmers away rather than attract them to the voluntary pools.

The latest CWB ad campaign depicting a cowgirl sitting on a fence is offensive, unprofessional and desperate, the National Farmers Union says.

“What an image of a long-legged woman straddling a fence has to do with selling grain is beyond me,” Joan Brady, NFU women’s president said in a release. “The ad is offensive, and likely to cause farmers to market their grain elsewhere,” she said.



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