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Research wants ragweed seed

An Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada researcher is looking for seed samples of common ragweed as part of a study on the influence of genetic and environmental variations.

Manon Bélanger wants seed from a wide geographic distribution and as well as different habitats.

To contribute to her research follow these instructions:

On a bright sunny day, select mature plants from a single location. Shake the plants in a large paper bag to collect mature seeds only. Clean seeds to remove any vegetative and insect debris. Dry at ambient air temperature for one week.

Place seeds in brown paper envelope and seal with tape. Use one envelope per location. For each collection site, please supply the following information:

Date of collection;

Average height of common ragweed;

Type of habitat (urban sidewalk, roadsides, field edge, field (crop), wasteland etc..);

Record dominant neighbouring species present (three maximum);

Type of substrate (gravel, asphalt, soil (loam, sand, clay, etc..)

Location (nearest town, province/state)

GPS or latitude and longitude (if possible)

To send the seeds: Place all envelopes with seeds in a padded brown envelope and send by regular mail to Manon Bélanger, Horticultural Research and Development Centre Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada 430 boul. Gouin, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu (Québec) Canada J3B 3E6.

At the same time send an e-mail to: [email protected] agr. to inform her that the seeds have been sent by mail.



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