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Rain Encourages Early Wheat Plantings In Australia

Rain across eastern Australia has provided some early planting opportunities for winter crops such as wheat, analysts and grain traders said April 15.

Falls of between 25 and 50 millimetres were common across an area stretching from the eastern Riverina district in the south to central Queensland state in the north.

Rain also fell across the central grain belt of Western Australia, the country’s top exporting state, in sufficient quantity to encourage early plantings.

More rain is forecast for the remainder of the week in key cropping areas, though parts of the continent’s southeast are likely to miss out, leaving farmers in this region with the prospect of another tough year after the worst drought in more than 100 years cut harvest sizes for four straight years.

There remains time for rain as the planting season now getting underway can run through to June, though Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology has forecast that parts of the southeast might be drier than average through to June.



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