Province increases subsidy for controlling problem beavers

The province is increasing the subsidy paid to rural municipalities and registered trappers dealing with problem beavers in all areas of the province, Manitoba Conservation Minister Bill Blaikie announced Nov. 24.

The increase to $20 from $15 per animal is to assist rural municipalities in dealing with an abundance of beavers that are causing substantial damage in some areas of the province.

“When other means to discourage beavers have been exhausted, rural municipalities in designated areas can have licensed trappers remove beavers whose dams are causing flooding that damages roads or fields,” said Blaikie.

The changes, under the Problem Beaver Management Program, are for all areas of the province, particularly the hard-hit western region, and will remain in effect until March 31, 2011.

In addition, any municipalities still experiencing high numbers of problem beavers will be allocated additional levels of support if they have already used up their initial annual allocations.

The Problem Beaver Management Program also includes workshops for local officials and landowners on managing beavers using non-lethal methods such as installing pond levellers.

Municipalities must employ trappers experienced in humane trapping methods and trappers must use approved trapping devices to remove problem beavers. Trappers continue to play an important role in reducing the number of beaver that cause significant damage, the minister said.

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