Province Announces Provincial Land Use Policy Review

The provincial government announced last week a full public review of provincial land policies will begin later this month.

This will be the first review of provincial land use policies (PLUPs) since 1994 with public input to be sought through workshops around the province and meetings with key stakeholders.

Proposed changes to the PLUPs were prepared by an interdepartmental review committee. Draft policies for review aim to better protect farmland and water resources and promote energy efficiency, provincial documents say.

T he 2009 review is also

intended to improve clarity and better integrate existing policies while addressing emerging issues such as climate change not currently included in existing policies. Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Steve Ashton announced the review March 27.

Provincial documents state that the redrafting will also better link land use with watershed planning and transportation plus reinforce that the development plans of local authorities integrate sustain-ability with land use planning.

Manitoba’s PLUPs were last rewritten in 1994 to incorporate principles of sustainable development. Amendments were made in 2006 to its agricultural policy regarding livestock operation development.

The government said it plans to host workshops around the province and meet with key stakeholders during the review. All consultation materials, including the draft policies and the opportunity to provide feedback online, are provided at via e-mail at [email protected]

It’s anticipated that PLUPs will be adopted by regulation this fall.

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