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Producer can’t get crop insurance on native hay

In a good year, Jim Baker can get 1,400 or more round bales of native hay from his land up at Gypsumville in the northern Interlake. But this wasn’t a good year. In fact, it was a disaster.

“Not a bale,” is the way Baker describes his native hay crop after unusually heavy summer rains flooded his fields.

Normally, Baker would be able to insure his hay against flooding loss. Unfortunately, his case isn’t normal.

Because this is native hay and because he doesn’t own livestock, he can’t insure it through Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation. MASC will not issue crop insurance to native hay growers who do not feed it themselves.

As a result, Baker is out the $42,000 he had hoped to get from selling hay to other livestock producers this year. He owns eight quarters of land and

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