Post-Easter prices lower for most classifications

There were 150 sheep and goats delivered to the Winnipeg Livestock Auction April 19. The temperature of the day was cool, a reflection of the day’s bidding style by the buyers. Although, some classifications remained as strong as the pre-Easter season, some classifications dropped. The Easter season has peaked and is returning to the normal price bidding.

The interest and demand on ewes had decreased, compared to the pre-Easter sale. Ewes made up most of the sale, with hair and wool ewes comparable in the bidding. The price ranged from $0.78 to $0.94 per pound.

There was a strong demand on the rams but selection was limited. The price ranged from $0.95 to $0.99 per pound. A novelty ram entered the arena, with interest by the audience. This full-coloured 155-pound ram was a four-horned Jacob, which brought $165.85 ($1.07 per pound).

In the heavyweight lamb classification, only two lambs were delivered. The first 115-pound Cheviot-cross brought $103.50 ($0.90 per pound) and the 130-pound Cheviot-cross lamb brought $184.60 ($1.42).

In the lighter category, there were also only two animals. The 110-pound Cheviot-cross lamb brought $188.10 ($1.71 per pound) and the 95-pound Suffolk-cross lamb brought $123.50 ($1.30 per pound).

The feeder lamb classification was represented by one 80-pound horned ram lamb bringing $102 ($1.27 per pound).

Lightweight lambs similar or near feeder lamb weight sold in a higher price range. Three 75-pound Dorper-cross lambs brought $150 ($2 per pound); two 70-pound Suffolk-cross lambs brought $131.60 ($1.88) and one 75-pound Cheviot-cross lamb brought $78.75 ($1.05).

A 55-pound Katahdin-cross lamb brought $93.50 ($1.70 per pound).

The demand on the very light lambs was strong and hair lambs dominated the selection. Ten 49-pound Dorper-cross lambs brought $102.90 ($2.10 per pound) and eight 46-pound Katahdin-cross lambs brought $94.76 ($2.06).

A mixed group of 14, 77-pound new-crop lambs brought $182.49 ($2.37).


Demand for does remained strong. A group of six 106-pound Alpine-cross and Boer-cross does brought $141 ($1.33 per pound). A single 180-pound Boer-cross doe brought $170 ($0.94). A 70-pound Pygmy-cross doe brought $77.50 ($1.11).

There was a greater demand for the lighter-weight bucks at this sale. A group of three 105-pound Boer-cross bucks brought $165 ($1.57 per pound). The 190-pound Boer-cross buck brought $235 ($1.34).

One Alpine-cross wether brought $205 ($1.46).

A group of three 67-pound Alpine-cross Nubian doelings brought $147.50 ($2.20). A 90-pound Boer-cross Alpine doeling brought $147.50 ($1.64 per pound).

Goat kids dominated the number of goats at this sale. A 45-pound Boer-cross Alpine doeling brought $82.50 ($1.83 per pound). A group of fifteen 52-pound doelings brought $108 ($2.08).

Six 44-pound Boer-cross Alpine bucklings brought $90 ($2.05).

The Ontario Stockyard Report (April 19), stated that all classifications of sheep and goats sold at pre-Easter market prices. New-crop lambs sold at a price range of $2.57 to $2.95 per hundredweight.

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