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OUR HISTORY: September 14, 1947

Our September 14, 1947 issue reported that the North-West Line Elevator Association had sent a telegram to Prime Minister Mackenzie King asking him to lift price ceilings on coarse grains that had been imposed during the war. The private trade was reported to be advising farmers to hold back deliveries until they were lifted.

Rural health care was in the news — Manitoba Pool secretary F.W. Ransom, speaking to the Co-operative Health Federation of America meeting in Oklahoma, described proposed enabling legislation that would allow the federal government to provide 60 per cent of health insurance costs, with the remainder provided by provinces. The front page featured a photo of a new hospital under construction at Boissevain. Manitoba Pool had donated $3,000 to each hospital being built under the Manitoba Hospital Plan.

Also reported were impending new tax regulations which would allow beef and dairy producers to have their basic herds recognized as capital.

And in a reminder that the effects of the Second World War were still being felt, we reported that the French government had reduced the bread ration from 250 grams (nine ounces) to 200 grams (seven ounces) daily.



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