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OUR HISTORY: September 14, 1947

Farmers looking to build a new home could have ordered “The Windsor” for $1,514 delivered, one of the models ranging from four to 12 rooms available through the 32-page Aladdin Homes catalogue. Building packages contained not only precut lumber, said to reduce waste by 25 per cent compared to building from scratch from the lumberyard, but all other materials including tarpaper, lock sets, nails, paints, varnishes, oils, stains, shingles and flashings.

Other advertisements included T. Eaton & Co. promoting catalogue Christmas shopping, Heintzman and Mason & Risch pianos, and Canadian Pacific Steamships listing 23 sailing dates between Oct. 1 and Dec. 15 for those wishing to spend Christmas in “The Old Country.” Wilson Furniture in Winnipeg had a full-page ad, including a nine-piece solid oak dining room suite for $195 and a “fine tapestry” three-piece living room suite for $170.

However, in an unfortunately accurate advertisement opposite, the Province of Manitoba Savings Office said “The dollar you spend so freely today will not be missed so much tomorrow as in the years to come.” That was to be in only two years when grain prices collapsed along with the stock market, followed by the depression of “The Dirty Thirties.”



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