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OUR HISTORY: October 3, 1974

The 1974 harvest was one best forgotten. Our Oct. 3 issue reported that grain dryers were sold out across Western Canada, with one company having sold 50 after not selling a single one since 1969. The Oct. 1 crop report said snow had fallen across much of the northern part of Manitoba’s agricultural area, further slowing harvest, while hard frosts in the southwest had ended any hope that the crops would mature. Similar conditions were reported in Saskatchewan.

Adding to the woes was a strike of 425 deck officers on the Great Lakes, halting grain movement east and preventing elevators from accepting delivery even if they could handle the tough and damp grain. Back-to-work legislation was introduced the following week.

The new Canadian Egg Marketing Agency was under fire after reports that 28 million eggs had rotted in storage. Agriculture Minister Eugene Whelan said that he would welcome a full inquiry.

A new Manitoba government savings bond issue was announced, with interest rates ranging from 9.25 to 9.75 per cent.



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