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OUR HISTORY: November, 1928

The front page of the November, 1928 issue of The Scoop Shovel featured information on the Campbell Farming Corporation in Montana, which had 95,000 owned and leased acres, with 65,000 acres plowed and 45,000 in crop each year. It owned 56 tractors, 500, 14-inch plow bottoms, 60, 12-foot drills, 50, 10-foot discs, 72 binders 100 harrow sections, nine threshing machines, 21 combines and 200 wagons. It could plow 1,000 acres per day, seed 2,000 acres, harvest 2,000 acres and thresh 30,000 bushels.

According to a summary of records held by the Montana Historical Society, founder Thomas Campbell later had to reduce the acreage of leased land due to the drought and Depression, but nevertheless continued to lease approximately 35,000 acres and bought 15,000 acres from individual Indian families and from neighbouring ranchers. With a partner, he later operated an even larger ranch and farm in New Mexico. He was an adviser to the Soviet government in the early 1930s in setting up State farms and during the Second World War, he enlisted in the army and served as an adviser on mechanization of military transportation.



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