OUR HISTORY: November 18, 1982

Our November 18, 1982 issue reported on Manitoba Pool’s decision to withdraw from the Manitoba Farm Bureau, which was then the province’s general farm organization. The bureau had favoured a recommendation by University of Manitoba economist Clay Gilson, who had been appointed by the federal government to evaluate whether the Crow freight subsidy should be paid to railways (and therefore only to grain shippers) or directly to producers (and therefore to livestock producers as well.) Gilson recommended a 50-50 split. The Pool favoured continued payment to the railways. The withdrawal led to the collapse of the farm bureau, later to be replaced by Keystone Agricultural Producers.

For beef producers, the Manitoba Cattle Producers Association was recommending caution in joining a beef stabilization and marketing plan proposed by the Manitoba Beef Commission. We reported that between 500 and 600 producers had joined the plan in its first two weeks.

If you were interested in purchasing a Bourgault product, the company was accepting deposits on which it would pay interest — at 20 per cent.



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