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OUR HISTORY: June 11, 1992

The June 11, 1992 issue reported on the just-issued 2001 Census of Agriculture, which showed 280,046 farms in Canada and 25,706 in Manitoba. That compares with 205,730 and 15,877 respectively in the 2011 census released last month.

Also reported on the front page was a plan for United Grain Growers to become a publicly traded company and raise capital through shares sold on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

At an international farmers meeting in Quebec City, Canadian representatives called for an end to the grain subsidy war, still raging after the introduction of the U.S. Export Enhancement Program in 1985.

Three new herbicide label changes had been approved the previous week, including one for the new product Select and label additions for Bravo to be used on lentils and Roundup as a preharvest treatment for several more crops.



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