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OUR HISTORY: July 12, 1973

The back page of our July 12, 1973 issue featured a full-page ad for an institution and an event which have passed into history — Manitoba Pool Elevators and the wheat board permit book. The same applies to the subject of the front-page photo — an aerial view of the new Co-op Implements manufacturing plant in Transcona.

In news that week, Agriculture Minister Eugene Whelan announced that Canada had followed the U.S. lead in imposing a soybean and meal “licensing system.” It followed the U.S. decision to impose a soybean embargo, which was affecting supplies for Canadian feeders.

The U.S. General Accounting Office had issued a report criticizing the U.S. government for needlessly subsidizing the previous year’s sales to the Soviet Union, which were to go down in history as “The Great Grain Robbery.”

Speaking at the Western Economic Opportunities conference in Calgary, Justice and Wheat Board Minister Otto Lang called for a new national policy in which “western Canadians can gain a new sense of enjoying their fair share from the Confederation bargain.”



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