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Nitrogen Miser

As every agronomy student knows, three things are required to produce a crop moisture, sunlight and nutrients. The challenge is to make sure crops receive just the right amount of each, at just the proper time.

Managing nutrients especially nitrogen is one of the greatest challenges. That’s because even if the proper amount is applied to a field, much of it may never reach the target crop. And if it is not there when needed, yields suffer.

For example, 30 percent or even as much as 50 percent of nitrogen can escape as a gas within two weeks of application. Growers counting on that nitrogen to produce a crop risk reduced yields, quality and profits.

How does this happen? Urea granules rapidly dissolve into the soil after they absorb moisture. In just hours they begin to transform into ammonia gas. This process of losing urea to the atmosphere is called volatilization.

One solution to volatilization is to simply apply more urea. But at a time of volatile nitrogen costs, paying up to 50 percent more for urea may be a costly option. Growers, instead, can pay just pennies per pound for the stabilized nitrogen technology of AGROTAIN.

AGROTAIN increases urea efficiency to provide the maximum output with minimal input. It ensures that more nitrogen is in the soil for vigorous and healthy crop growth all the way to crop maturity. The end result is maximum profit with minimum work, risk and waste.

When it comes to farming, any number of factors are out of your control. That’s why it’s doubly important to take care of the ones you can control, such as improving nitrogen efficiency with AGROTAIN.

If you have a question for The Nitrogen Miser or for more information about stabilized nitrogen technology, contact me at [email protected]or call 204-479-7540 or 888-425-8732.


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