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New Handbook For Organic Certification – for Dec. 2, 2010

Canadian Organic Growers (COG) has releasedRecord Keeping for Organic Growers,another handbook in its Practical Skills series of technical manuals for organic agriculture.

COG’s says its aim is to help farmers reduce their time and anxiety around the record-keeping required for organic certification. Most farmers already save information about their inputs, products and methods, so this handbook builds from that foundation to enable farmers to create and manage their annual organic plan and ongoing operational records.

Authors Kristine Swaren and Rowena Hopkins draw from their own growing, inspecting and managing experience to provide hands-on advice, templates, and loads of examples. Farmers from across the country, representing all scales and types of operations, were interviewed for their favourite time-saving paperwork tips.

The Practical Skills series and other handbooks are available from Canadian Organic Growers on the web at or by phone at 1-888-375-7383 (Canada) or 1-613- 216-0741.

The book was funded in part by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada with the support of provincial adaptation councils.



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