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New flax growers website

The Manitoba Flax Growers Association has launched a new website to provide price and marketing information, industry news and research updates.

The new web address is

“Our vision is a sustainable, vibrant industry with premium prices so Manitoba farmers choose to grow flax,” said association chair Eric Fridfinnson in a release. “Our new website is meant to provide timely and valuable information to ensure that farmers have the resources they need to profit from their flax crops.”

Bin full of reasons contest is back

Winter wheat growers can once again enter a contest to win a 4,100 bushel hopper-mounted galvanized grain bin.

The Bin Full of Reasons contest sponsored by Ducks Unlimited Canada, Bayer CropScience and the Meridian Manufacturing Group will see one hopper bin awarded in each of the three Prairie provinces.

By participating, growers also gain access to expert agronomic support to help them maximize their odds of successful winter wheat crops. The contest starts this fall and runs until spring 2013. Throughout that time, growers will share the management decisions they’re making to ensure they grow a successful winter wheat crop.

The program is designed to promote the benefits of growing winter wheat among Prairie farmers.

For more information on how to enter or to learn more about the benefits of winter wheat, visit

Soy rust extends northern reach

washington / reuters The yield-cutting soybean rust fungus was confirmed in a field of double-crop soybeans in south-central Kentucky, the farthest north the disease was detected this year.

“This find is interesting, but it is too late in the season to cause concern,” said a team of scientists at the University of Kentucky. “This find is three weeks after the remnants of Hurricane Isaac blew through the state.”

Rust was found on three of 100 leaves collected in the field in Muhlenberg County.

Soybean rust was confirmed in nearly 200 U.S. counties this year, most heavily in Mississippi and Alabama.



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