New crop-management website for Manitoba farmers

New crop-management website for Manitoba farmers

“Why are my cereal heads turning white?” Visit

Manitoba farmers can now visit a website providing free crop-management advice from some of the province’s top agronomists. is hosted by Farm Business Communications, publisher of the Manitoba Co-operator, with co-operation from Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives. MAFRI Crops Branch staff will provide startup consulting advice but all public and private agronomists as well as farmers are invited to participate, making Crop Chatter the province’s main forum for timely crop-management news, especially during the growing season.

In addition to being able to browse the latest topics and updates posted to the site, farmers and agronomists can post questions on cereals, oilseeds and pulses, with a reply guaranteed within 48 hours. They can also send a photo of a weed, insect or disease symptom that needs identification, share their own observations, and solutions or simply submit news and photos of crop development in their area.

The website is already active with answers received by MAFRI staff, such as “What is causing white heads in cereal crops this year?” “Why would my canola pods be splitting?” and “My sunflower has heads missing along the edge — what happened?”

The Crop Chatter site will be moderated by MAFRI staff, who will receive and review questions and comments before posting to the site. Those posting questions and comments are asked to register, but their names will not be used when the information is posted to the site.



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