MCA urged to help farmers reduce nitrous oxide emissions

MCA urged to help farmers reduce nitrous oxide emissions

Manitoba Crop Alliance (MCA) could help farmers cut nitrous oxide emissions, a potent greenhouse gas, in the future.

MCA members passed a resolution calling on the organization to set up an “ongoing Farmer-to-Farmer Soils and Crops Management educational forum to help farmers implement best management practices aimed to reduce nitrous oxide… released from our soils.”

Climate change is a challenge and farmers can help mitigate it through practices designed to keep nitrogen fertilizer feeding crops instead of going into the atmosphere, resolution mover Ian Robson told the meeting.

“We can develop a forum for this,” he said. “That was the stated goal of this organization — to take on ways to improve farmers’ care for our land and/or our neighbours.

“This is a way to help deliver the needed services to farmers in a cheap and inexpensive method.

“This organization wants to be a promoter of science and this is a really great fit.”

It would also help meet the Paris Climate Change Accord to cut greenhouse gas emissions, the resolution states.

Jim Wilson said via the chat box that he opposed the resolution because MCA resources are tight. Such work would be more appropriate for another organization, he said.

Several other farmers ‘virtually spoke’ in favour of the resolution, which passed with 29 voting in favour, 22 opposed and five abstentions.

Two other resolutions were up for debate but one asking the MCA to consider work on reducing productivity loss due to soil salination was withdrawn.

The other, calling on MCA to act as agent for producers in all matters relating to Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax incentive program for spring wheat, winter wheat, barley, grain corn, sunflowers, and flax, passed 54 to one, with one abstention.

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