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Manure Management Initiative Expands Its Board

The Manitoba Livestock Manure Management Initiative (“Manure Initiative”) board of directors recently welcomed seven new members to the board.

“Since its inception, the Manure Initiative has made every effort to form a board with a good cross-section of government (Agriculture, Conservation), academic (University of Manitoba), and agri-industry (Manitoba Pork Council, Maple Leaf Foods) expertise,” it says in a release.

“This array of expertise allows the Manure Initiative to assess the research needs of Manitoba’s agricultural communities from a variety of viewpoints. The addition of new directors further expands the reaches of the Manure Initiative into these groups, and the potential to address the agri-industry’s research needs as they arise.”

The initiative has traditionally focused on hog industry manure issues. As a result, the Manitoba Pork Council has held a strong presence on the board. With the goal of diversifying in mind, over the past few years the board has set its target on encompassing all types of livestock production. Consequently, other livestock commodity groups have been invited to participate on the board. Rachelle Brown (Mani toba Turkey Producers; MTP), Pieter De Jong (Dairy Farmers of Manitoba; DFM) and Cheryl Schroeder (DFM) officially joined the Manure Initiative in July 2009. Their groups have held presence in an ex officio capacity for over a year already.

In addition to expanded livestock commodity group representation, the Manure Initiative has elected new directors who can provide water quality, ag-engineering, nutrition, and environmental science perspectives.

Those directors include Dwight Wi lliamson, assistant deputy minister of the Ecological Services Division with the Department of Water Stewardship, Harvey Chorney, who oversees the agricultural research division of the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute, Les Nernberg, head of product development with Landmark Feeds, and Henry (Hank) David Venema, head of the Sustainable Natural Resources division at the International Institute for Sustainable Development.

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