Manitoba Insect and Disease Update, May 13

Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development – A new season of Manitoba Insect and Disease Updates has started.

The purpose of the updates is to compile information on insects and diseases of current concern to those growing or monitoring crops in Manitoba, and present a summarized weekly report that can alert farmers and agronomists to concerns in their region. This relies on insect and disease observations and concerns being reported by those monitoring crops.

The cooperation of agronomists and farmers in providing information for these reports is greatly appreciated. Results of insect and disease monitoring programs will also be presented in these reports.

A Manitoba Insect and Disease Update for May 13, 2014 has been posted on the Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development website.

Agronomists, Farmers, Farm Production Advisors, and others scouting crops

Please remember to send in reports of insects or plant diseases over the growing season so we can make these updates as complete as possible, and alert farmers and agronomists where and to what degree insects and pathogens are of concern or being controlled.

Information can be sent to:

Even a quick sentence or two stating that a particular insect or plant disease has been noticed at increasing or economical levels, or is being controlled, can be quite useful.

Please remember to mention the approximate location of the field(s). Indicating the nearest town (such as east of Newstead, etc.) is all that is required, since some people may not be comfortable indicating the exact location of fields. Legal locations or information that could identify individual fields will not be posted in updates for confidentiality reasons.

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