Riding Mountain road bans in effect

Spring weight restrictions will prevent road damage during thaw

To minimize road damage during the spring thaw, Riding Mountain National Park has imposed restrictions on Highways 19 and 10 where they pass through the park.

Effective immediately, weight restrictions of 6,006 lbs. or 2,730 kg gross vehicle weight will be enforced on Hwy. No. 19 within the boundaries of Riding Mountain National Park. As an approximate guide, the largest vehicle allowed would be an empty three-quarter-ton truck or a loaded half-ton truck.

This limit will remain in effect until road and weather conditions permit restrictions to be lifted.

The closure to heavy truck traffic (three axles or more) on Highway 10 within the boundaries of Riding Mountain National Park remains in effect.

Advance signage will be posted to allow alternative routes to be used. There will be unscheduled enforcement of these restrictions.

Vehicles with three axles or more will be allowed access to the townsite, the Parks Canada Maintenance Compound, and the Clear Lake Golf Course from the south entrance of the park only for delivery purposes.

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