PEDv found in Manitoba sow barn

Officials have initiated an emergency plan to prevent its spread

The Manitoba Pork Council is reporting that a sow barn in southern Manitoba tested positive for porcine epidemic diarrhea virus May 26.

The producer’s veterinarian and the Manitoba Agriculture Emergency Operation Centre have implemented control measures and developed a plan for restricted site access, barn cleanup and animal care.

Producers within a five-kilometre radius of the infected site have also been alerted, and are monitoring their herds and collecting samples for testing, the Pork Council says in its newsletter.

The development comes as producers continue to lobby the federal government to require hog trucks returning from the U.S. to be cleaned in Canada. The CFIA recently lifted an emergency transportation protocol the industry credits with keeping Canada virtually free of PEDv since 2014.

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The CFIA now requires trucks to be cleaned in the U.S.

Federal Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay told the House of Commons in an exchange with Brandon Souris MP Larry Maguire last week that cleaning trucks in the U.S. before they return to Canada is the best way of keeping the disease out of Canada.

The council is urging producers to continue lobbying the federal government to change its stance.

In the meantime, it is also urging producers to be extra vigilant in ensuring trailers coming onto farms have been properly cleaned and to exercise extreme caution when dealing with trailers returning from assembly yards.

“For trailers returning from the U.S., request that a second wash and a complete dry be done in Canada at a trusted facility,” the council says.

“All producers are encouraged to work with their veterinarian to review their biosecurity plans and ensure that their herds have the best practical protection from PEDv and other diseases.”

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