Manitobans invited to farm dinner with 3F theme – Farm, Fish & Forage

DIY Homesteader Festival includes contestant from Top Chef Canada

You can fight with the weeds in your garden or you can invite one of Canada’s top chefs to cook with them.

That’s the perspective of DIY Homesteader Festival organizers who are capping this year’s festival on June 6 with a unique farm-to-table event featuring the best our farms, fishermen and foragers have to offer. The event caps local food week which runs from June 1-7.

“The traditional harvest is still a long way off but that’s no barrier when it comes to hosting a great dinner featuring the food that is grown and raised in this province,” said Percy, a co-founder of the DIY Homesteader Festival. “Whether it’s pickerel, naturally raised pork, wild rice or stinging nettle, there is lots of good, healthy, and high quality food grown here at home.”

The dinner will be set at Nourished Roots Farm and will follow the DIY Homesteader Festival. The festival features more than 25 workshops on modern homesteading skill for the urban or rural homesteader on everything from beekeeping, to fermentation, to identifying and gathering wild edibles.

Top Chef Canada contestant and Tot Wheels food truck owner, Chef Darryl Crumb (also a small farm owner) will take his classic french culinary skills into the field (literally) for the event. He’s planning to make the supper a day-long sensory experience that incorporates traditional food prep methods like roasting on a spit, fermentation and sourdough.

“We needed to fit the ethos of the day- reclaiming important skills, sustainability, and getting in touch with what grows right outside your door.” Crumb said.

Co-founder Kris Antonius said the fest was looking for someone who thinks outside of the (garden) box and Crumb was the perfect fit.

Tickets for the supper are available until Wednesday, June 3 on the DIY Homesteader Festival website.

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