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Looking for new technology? Come to Ag Days

Find everything from new data analysis software to field equipment

showcasing products at an ag show

Each year, Manitoba Ag Days is the setting for retailers, manufacturers, dealers and entrepreneurs to launch their top new products for the upcoming season.

This year’s show features a full range of new products that will gather a lot of attention from visitors looking for the latest in farming technology and products.

All new products are listed in the show guide. All qualifying entries are judged and the Best New Product Award is presented at the show.

Winner of the Best New Product 2014 was Gatco Manufacturing for its Cross Flow Aeration Tubes.

A sampling of new products in 2015 includes:

ATP Nutrition Ltd.: NutriScan

NutriScan is an infield, hand-held diagnostic tool that measures, in real time, the nutrient level of manganese (and phosphorus) in the plant. This will allow the producer and/or the agronomist to know immediately not only the Mn and P level of your crop, but more importantly the photosynthetic efficiency and overall health of your crop.

Backswath Management: EAGLE program

The Backswath EAGLE program is an innovative, cloud-based, financial analysis and benchmarking software program. Using a forecasting model rather than projections, users are able to take an objective look at where their farm business is tracking. Scenarios, targets, industry standards, and past performance can then be compared to baseline performance.

Decisive Farming: My Farm Manager

My Farm Manager is an all-in-one farm data management platform that connects the key people, service providers and data on the farm. It’s for growers who want to streamline operations and be more decisive. When everything is in one place and accessible from any device, management decisions are simplified.

Honey Bee Manufacturing: AirFLEX Combine Draper Header

Honey Bee AirFLEX Combine Flex Draper Header features sensors and air suspension that allow the header to shave the ground at faster speeds in both dry and wet conditions. It is lightweight yet durable, sophisticated yet simple, all while integrating cutting-edge innovation. You’ll appreciate the combination of design, high performance and simplicity.

Hypro-Shurflo: Hypro Universal Flange Clamp

The unique clamshell design of the Hypro Universal Flange Clamp delivers superior sealing capability, decreased assembly time and increased safety. Traditional banded clamps provide uneven clamping pressure, potentially weakening the flanges over time and use, are time intensive to install, and expose workers to sharp metal edges that lead to injuries.

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