In Your Co-operator this Week: May 9

In Your Co-operator this Week: May 9

1. Farmers grow frustrated: Some Canadian farmers, no closer to knowing when they’ll regain access to their biggest canola customer, are going from feelings of uncertainty and anxiety to anger and frustration.

“We demand action,” Ian Steppler, who farms near Deerwood, Man., wrote on Facebook last week.

The federal government and grain industry are committed to restoring Canadian canola seed exports to China worth $2.7 billion in 2018, officials said during an online update May 3.

“(T)he goal of the government of Canada is to regain this market,” Canola Council of Canada President Jim Everson said.

2. China snubs Canuck soy: First it was canola and now it’s soybeans. China, Canada’s biggest soybean customer, has all but stopped buying Canadian soybeans, Ron Davidson, executive director of Soy Canada said in an interview May 6.

“Traders have been saying China just has no interest in buying (from Canada),” Davidson said.

“What I got from the traders is the Chinese aren’t interested because they are worried about having problems getting them in.”

3. Tick tock! Tick season returns: Farmers need to be aware of the risks associated with tick bites and be prepared to protect their own health this spring. That’s according to Kateryn Rochon, an entomologist and associate professor at the University of Manitoba, who says the province’s farm population are a high-risk group. “By virtue of your job, you are exposed to tick bites,” Rochon said of farmers. “Don’t stop going outside, just work wisely.”

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