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In Your Co-operator this week: June 20

In Your Co-operator this week: June 20

Geralyn Wichers explores what happens when ideologies collide following a flock infection at an animal sanctuary. The owners say they’ve followed the letter of the law when addressing an ILT outbreak. Commercial operators counter they’re putting the whole commercial sector at risk by refusing to euthanize the animals.

Allan Dawson reports on what Manitoba corn growers need to know about resistance to Bt corn that was recently discovered in Atlantic Canada. Provincial entomologist John Gavloski told him that might seem far away, but farmers need to realize it can happen here too. Following proper protocols and using the tool only when necessary will help.

Alexis Stockford looks at why it’s been a tough season for weed control. Some growers skipped the burnoff and may be regretting that now, especially as cold conditions have reduced crop competition and hampered in-crop control efforts.

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