In Your Co-operator this Week: June 13

In Your Co-operator this Week: June 13

Allan Dawson delves into what the future holds for Cigi. The organization has been educating customers from around the world on the benefits of Canadian wheat and barley for nearly 50 years. It was funded by farmers, through the Canadian Wheat Board, and the federal government. Since the end of the CWB, Cigi has had to evolve and seek funding elsewhere, including from farmer check offs. Now there’s some talk it could be rolled into Cereals Canada.  

Alexis Stockford has the latest on a spike in canola reseeding. She found that most of the new claims are related to flea beetle damage, but that the cold and dry conditions of this spring may have set the stage for the problems. 

Geralyn Wichers talks to Niverville’s Colleen Dyck about a visit to Kenya. Dyck was part of a Canadian Foodgrains Bank documentary project that aimed to explore the empowerment of women farmers around the globe. Dyck says the experience was like getting a university education in just a couple weeks. In much of the world women are the primary farmers as men seek employment elsewhere.

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