Green Gold forage report sees alfalfa grow up to three inches

Forage and grassland conditions for Eastern, Central Manitoba and Western/Interlake as of May 25

alfalfa growing in Manitoba

This is the sixth release for the Green Gold program assessing forage conditions in Manitoba. Reports will be issued from various areas of the Province (Eastern, Central, Interlake, and Western) in the weeks and months ahead.

The reports below highlight the most recent forage conditions for Eastern, Central Manitoba and Western/Interlake:

For more information email John McGregor, Manitoba Forage and Grassland Association Extension Support.

This week we are estimating for the Central and Eastern part of the province that alfalfa cutting could begin around June 1st. Take a look at what is happening in your area to see if you are close to the area averages.

If you are interested in getting an NIR test of your field to see how you compare Central Testing Laboratory is offering a GGNIR test for $20. This test is similar to the test that we use to determine NIR readings on fresh alfalfa samples.

The protocol for these samples is that they must be fresh and shipped immediately to the lab. Samples should be taken at normal cutting height and most importantly they must not contain any other material than alfalfa if you are wanting to compare your fields with the results in the Green Gold reports.

For more information go to the Central Testing Laboratory website.

John McGregor, MFGA

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