VIDEO: BushelPlus system helps you safely measure harvest loss

Manitoba Ag Days 2019: Drop pan system activated by remote control

Measuring harvest loss is essential in order to ensure your combine is set up properly, and you’ll know if you’ve done a good job by the number of geese getting a free meal in your field in the days after. But not only is it important to make sure your getting the most from your harvest efforts to get more grain the bin, catching that sample safely is a priority.

On display last week at Manitoba Ag Days in Brandon was BushelPlus, an invention that deploys a drop pan underneath your combine by remote control to help you measure harvest loss. Once your grain sample is in the pan, BushelPlus also has an app to help you calculate how much grain you’re losing out the back. In this video, Chris Sobchuk of BushelPlus describes how the system works.

Video editing by Greg Berg.

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