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Ag Days gives back to Manitobans

Every year Ag Days tries to give something back to Manitoba’s agriculture sector and rural communities.

This year they’re slated to provide $26,000 in grants to agriculture-related charities, organizers say.

“We want to support the communities that our exhibitors and patrons live in,” said Kristen Phillips, Manitoba Ag Days general manager. “Being able to contribute to this industry has been a fantastic experience for us and we are excited to pay it forward in agriculture. Manitoba Ag Days takes great pride in helping other agricultural organizations.”

The generosity of the giving-back program first took shape during 2013 Manitoba Ag Days show when a 50-50 draw dedicated half of the proceeds to the winning ticket holder and the other half benefiting agricultural-related charities.

Applicants are encouraged to apply in two separate categories:

1) Education and Leadership;

2) Community Improvement; between January 1 and November 15 each year.

The 2018 winners will be announced at this year’s show at 12:45 p.m. on Tuesday, January 16, 2018 in the MNP Theatre.

2017 Recipients

  • Community Improvement Local Community Infrastructure Upgrades & Improvements – Ecole Ile Des Chenes $5,000
  • Agriculture and Heritage – Killarney-Turtle Mountain Arts Council $5,000
  • Community Improvement – Safety & Emergency Services
  • The Farm Safety Foundation – Grain Safety Program $5,000
  • Education and Leadership – Agricultural Youth Education
  • Agriculture in the Classroom – Manitoba $8,000
  • ACC Diploma Scholarship –Morgan McBain $1,000
  • U of M’s Diploma Scholarship – Renate Jochum $1,000
  • U of M’s Degree Scholarship – Seth Baker $1,000
  • Rylan Laudin Memorial Scholarship – $5,000

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