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Jets Have A New Bud


Co-operator staff

They ve got an official potato chip, and now the Winnipeg Jets have an official brewski to go with it.

Budweiser an official partner of the team is bringing out a limited-edition beer, dubbed the Welcome Back Brew, to celebrate the return of the NHL to Manitoba. The company brought large, water-filled vessels to the city and encouraged fans to bestow good-luck wishes on them. Some of the water was poured onto the ice at the MTS Centre prior to the team s opener against Montreal.

The water was then shipped to Edmonton, where the Welcome Back Brew will be made. There was no word on whether any Manitoba barley was to be used in the brewing.

Last month, Lay s brand was named the Jets official potato chip.

Industry split emerges over biofuel s indirect impact


European bioethanol producers have broken ranks and urged EU policy-makers to distinguish between good and bad biofuel pathways.

The European Union is eyeing new rules that would require that if food crops are diverted to biofuel production, those missing tonnes of food must be grown elsewhere to avoid increasing global hunger. EU studies have also concluded that biodiesel produced from European rapeseed, Asian palm oil, and South American soybeans all have a bigger overall climate impact than normal diesel. That s because, the studies say, rainforests are being cut down and peat bogs drained to replace lost food production.

So now some ethanol makers are arguing that their sector is much more environmentally and food friendly than biodiesel.

U.S. finalizes trade deal with Colombia


The U.S. Senate has approved a free trade deal with Colombia by a vote of 66 to 33. The deal, earlier approved by the House of Representatives, locks in Colombia s longtime duty-free access to the U.S. market and phases out Colombia s duties on most U.S. farm and manufactured goods.



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