Horsemeat found in lasagne dishes in Bulgaria

Reuters / Some 86 kilos of lasagne dishes will be destroyed in Bulgaria, after its food safety agency confirmed Feb. 21 the dishes taken from shelves recently contained horsemeat labelled as beef.

Horsemeat has been found in beef products across Europe in recent weeks, damaging confidence in the continent’s vast and complex food industry.

“This morning we received the results from the two tests taken from the already banned products,” the Bulgarian agency said in a statement. “Both samples were positive for horsemeat, indicating 80 per cent and 50 per cent content.”

The tests were conducted by a German laboratory after the “beef” lasagne dishes were withdrawn from an unidentified supermarket chain recently.

The agency said that 30 samples from domestic meat products were also tested in Bulgarian laboratories in the last 10 days, but all of them were negative.



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