In Brief… – for May. 14, 2009

N calculator online: Anitrogen rate calculator for spring wheat, barley and canola can be downloaded from Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives at gencalc. html.

Users can evaluate different net-return per-acre scenarios involving N source and cost, the expected crop price and soil nitrogen (nitrate-N in pounds per acre to 24 inches deep). Users must select the appropriate soil moisture for wheat and barley, which in turn represent yield potential based on research trials.

Have a pork chop: Keystone Agricultural Producers is urging the public to support pork producers by buying Canadian products and increasing their pork consumption. “We are calling upon consumers today to put their support behind the pork industry and stand up for our producers by consuming pork products,” said president Ian Wishart. In addition to new environmental limits, the introduction of U. S. country-of-origin labelling and the global financial crisis, the hog industry has been hit by misconceptions related to H1N1 Influenza A.

Arson charges: A 14-year-old boy from the Pine Creek First Nation has been charged with arson for starting the April 23 fire that destroyed the Dauphin Fairgrounds grandstand. The youth was arrested and charged May 7. He is scheduled to reappear in court May 27. RCMP had been investigating the fire as an arson since the grandstands burned to the ground in the early-evening fire.

Golden Carrot nominations: If someone you know has a unique farm or garden, is working quietly behind the scenes to get good food to Manitoba tables, schools or community centres, or is sharing their food traditions with others, they are a candidate for a Golden Carrot Award from the Manitoba Food Charter.

The organization is calling for nominations. Just let the charter folks know what your candidate is doing, how to get in touch with him or her, and send a picture before June 30. Nomination forms can be found at:



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