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In Brief… – for Jan. 7, 2010

Approved labs only: The Canadian Flax Council is warning producers to be sure they have their flax samples checked for the presence of the genetically modified variety CDC Triffid by an approved lab before attempting delivery. In addition to the labs that have been approved by the Canadian Grain Commission, several grain companies have indicated they will only accept deliveries that have been tested by their selected labs. More information and the list of approved labs is posted on the flax council’s website: year:Canada’s cooperative sector is celebrating the Dec. 18 decision by the United Nations General Assembly to proclaim 2012 the International Year of Co-operatives. The proclamation was included in a resolution entitled “Co-operatives in Social Development,” adopted by the General Assembly in New York. The full text of the resolution can be downloaded from 1959, the UN has designated International Years in order to draw attention to major issues and to encourage international action. Truckers’ meal deduction boosted: Canada’s long-haul truck drivers will be able to deduct 75 per cent of their meal expenses, up from 70 per cent, when filing eligible expenses incurred in 2010. The measure also applies to employers who either pay or reimburse such costs incurred by long-haul truck drivers who they employ. As per the 2007 federal budget, the deductible portion of truckers’ meals is to increase to 80 per cent for expenses incurred after 2010. DWIs drop during

Christmas week: RCMP in Manitoba report 24 impaired-driving violations, down from 45 a year earlier, in the third week (Dec. 21-27, 2009) of their annual Christmas Checkstop program. RCMP said Dec. 29 the average blood alcohol reading in this program’s third week was 0.16; the highest was 0.26. Six people drew 24-hour licence suspensions. Out of 15,641 vehicles checked, the RCMP’s three-week total included 85 impaired-driving charges laid, along with 45 24-hour suspensions, 240 seatbelt charges and 1,986 other charges.



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