In Brief… – for Apr. 1, 2010

Fraud alert: An R. M. of De Salaberry man selling a vehicle was hoodwinked out of $1,500 by an overseas scam artist who sent a money-gram for more than the purchase price and requested a refund for the difference. Although the vendor waited until the payment had cleared the bank before complying, it was later determined the documentation was counterfeit. RCMP say transactions that require the vendor to reimburse the buyer for an overpayment situation are usually fraudulent. They should be reported to police and Phone Busters at 1-888-495-8501. Correction: Incorrect information appeared in a recent Manitoba Co-operator article about the availability of funding for free veterinary consultations under the On Farm Food Safety, Biosecurity and Traceability Program. All sheep and goat producers are prequalified for the program, and therefore need not fill out an application prior to arranging a vet’s visit. As well, MAFRI sheep and goat specialist Mamoon Rashid would like to clarify that veterinary prescriptions are not typically available without a prior diagnosis by a veterinarian.

Cash advance applications:

The Canadian Canola Growers Association (CCGA) is accepting producer applications for the spring cash advance program. Producers interested in obtaining an advance on their intended seeded acres should contact the CCGA as soon as possible to get their applications processed before seeding.

Producers can apply for an Intended Seeded Pre-Harvest Advance through the convenient online system or for those who prefer to complete their application with the assistance of an agent, contact the CCGA at 1-866-745-2256.


In a March 25 article (“World oatmeal record highlights Winnipeg agriculture event,” Co-operator, page 1), a plastic replica of a cow at the Agriculture in the City event in Winnipeg was described as blue in colour. It was, of course, black and white, like a regular dairy cow.



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